That’s why I hate politics discussion, because people can be nothing but assholes…

This is part of the big reason why I’m thinking about giving up politics discussion. I have a different opinion on things, and even try to back things up with some pretty valid facts, all people will want to do is argue and argue and argue. Fuck off. The other guy will want to think they’re right all of the time.

It’s pretty insane to me that too many people will defend their hero, Obama, and they actually trust a guy that they don’t even know well.

Obama is not a good guy. Do your research and you would see why, but of course, people think he’s a good guy and ignore all the bad things he had done in the past, and he will continue to do bad things in the future. I haven’t seen the film yet, but if you want some insight on who Obama really is, watch the film “2016: Obama’s America”. I have the film on my Netflix Que and will be getting it in the mail next week. Looking forward to seeing it, ’cause that film will have the proof and evidence on who he is and what he is planning to do with our country.

No more politics discussion for a long while. I’ve had it. If you don’t like my views on things in the political world, well, here’s a big middle finger to you.

One day you’re gonna realize that Obama is an evil madman who shouldn’t be president, and when you do, you’ll think to yourself, “Damn, maybe Kev was right. I shouldn’t have voted for that guy”.