I don’t need to explain myself…

… I just know that I have supportive people out there who have my back toward my music. My “fanbase” may not be as big as EBJ, but I have supporters out there. I still have fans who supported me from my gigs years back and they stayed loyal to this day. Again, it maybe hard for everyone to see, I can understand why some would think I’m crazy, but I know what I’m talking about. Sometimes supporters just randomly discover me on the internet as well. I’m not being an ego-maniac, here. I know my music gets treated in a negative direction quite often, and sometimes people would write in, saying how much they like my music. It’s letting me know that some still have my back.

I put a rant about negative feedback about my music in facebook the other day, a few replied, and several gave it a thumbs up. A few said, I’m good at what I do musically (they weren’t musicians or family members either). It’s just that the local music scene finds it’s difficult to see that I am a talented artist.

One day, I will get the recognition I deserve with my music. Somehow, I will get there. Just wait and give it time. There’s a lot of musicians around here who think I have potential, and there are plenty of musicians around here who have my back as well.

I know it. I get a lot of “haters”, but I do have my share of supporters. I like the mixed reactions. It doesn’t bother me. I think my next round of songs could potentially give me that respect I deserve. I’m just like every other musician, ya know? I want to be accepted. Liked by as much people as possible, and want a lot of people listening to my songs too.

Btw, in my blog, I don’t mean to delete comments or close ’em, I just want positive replies on here, that’s all. I don’t have time for trolls or haters, I just try to keep my life a good one as possible. I don’t deal with negative people, remember that.