Report: Dan Aykroyd on Ghostbusters 3, “We’re moving on, with or without Bill”…

Dan Aykroyd has said, he has had it. He seems a little fed up with Bill Murray refusing to respond on whether or not, he wants in on, Ghostbusters 3. For years now, Bill has been very critical about the film. He refuses to read the script and refuses to respond, on whether or not, he wants in to reprise his role as, Dr. Peter Venkman. Dan and the crew, has waited for Bill to respond. It’s been two years already, and Bill is still silent to this day. Well, they’ve given up on Bill, and they’re moving on with or without him.

They didn’t give up on Bill for good, however. If Bill suddenly changes his mind someday, and wants back in, they’ll always welcome him back.

Read what Dan has to say about it, here.

Bill hasn’t retired from acting. He’s still acting,  he just haven’t starred in any blockbuster films lately. It seems that he’s slowing down a bit. He’s aging, that’s probably what it is. I can understand Dan and the crew, moving on, but I can’t see a Ghostbusters movie, without Venkman. The film won’t feel right without that character. The Venkman character is what made the first two movies work to begin with.

I loved the first “Ghostbusters” film, didn’t care for the second one. Even if the second one wasn’t good, Venkman was still entertaining as hell like always. I hope Bill changes his mind. Would be cool if he’s in it. A cameo would be better than nothing, at least.


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