Suggestions on what to do if you’re struggling getting gigs in this area…

Are you a musician in a band or an acoustic solo act trying to gig and can’t figure out what to do? I can come up with a lot of suggestions! There are plenty of ways to go out and keep gigging. You just gotta set your mind to it and be creative.

Here are several quick suggestions to help you:

  • If venues reject you? Fuck ’em. Move along. – Keep going until you find the one that will care for you and your music! This is part of how I got myself out there. Trust me, I’ve had plenty of rejections. I kept asking for gigs until I found the one that liked me.
  • Set up your own shows – You don’t need to go around asking for gigs from other bands, when you can easily set up your own. I did it all the time. All you have to do is talk to the owner of the club or cafe that you’re good at setting up shows, and they’ll be interested in working with ya. I’ve had experience setting up my own shows, lots of times.
  • Set up your own music festival – I see bands do this all the time. A lot of them set up their own music festivals ’cause it was the only way for them to play out and get recognized for it. It may cost a lot of money but it’s worth it, if you want to gig out.
  • Play house concerts or house parties – This always works. It may not be at an actual venue at a bar or a club, but a live performance at a home is still a gig! Bands put on house concerts all the time. People love this stuff. It’s great for the die hards who follow your music. Live music doesn’t always have to be at a club or a small theater. Live music can be anywhere! Remember that!
  • Put on live internet streaming performances – With the use of technology today, why not have a live internet gig? People watching live on the internet is still an audience, in my opinion. It may not be in person but it’s still a live show. In 2013, I’m planning on doing something like this, so stay tuned.
  • Take your music out on the road! – You don’t need to be stuck here, playing music in Albany! Go on tour under your own budget. I can understand why more bands and artists around here are starting to tour ’cause there ain’t shit for places to play around here.

There are always different ways to share your music for your live audience and your fans. Just gotta use your brain a little bit.


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