More on Quentin Tarantino’s use of the “n” word…

Since people are still calling out Quentin Tarantino for his use of the “N” word for “Django Unchained”, really? Why get on his ass now, when Tarantino has been using the “n” word for pretty much just about every one of his movies? He’s been using the “N” word ever since his first film, “Reservoir Dogs“. The “N” word is also all over, “Pulp Fiction“. He used it in, “Jackie Brown” a lot too! How come nobody got on his ass back then? Huh? Answer me that one. Tarantino has been having black actors in his films for years, too! So why get on him about this now? Fucking please!

His movies maybe full of foul mouthed dialogue throughout the films, but that’s Tarantino. His movies maybe full of swearing and nasty words, yes, but I think that’s how he talks in real life. His movies shows who he is.

I’m not sure why he uses, the “N” word a lot in all of his movies, but I think he has his reasons. I don’t think he uses the “N” word because he’s racist, I think he makes his movies for mostly the black audience, in his defense. If you noticed, a lot of his movies seemed to be aimed at black people for their entertainment. They weren’t meant to be offensive.

On top of all this, as far as “Django Unchained” goes, people just don’t understand the history of black slaves. That word was used a lot back then, and it wasn’t considered a racist term during that time, like I said before. Quentin probably already knew he was going to get some heat with the use of that word in “Django”, but he had to do what ever it took to make that movie right. If you do your research, the “n” word actually originated from black slaves, that’s where it came from. So he’s right on the money for using that word. He’s not racist. He’s just doing whatever makes sense for film. It was just appropriate.

I’m also real tired of people getting on his ass about gun control every time a mass shooting happens. It’s idiotic.

Leave the guy alone, already people! He’s just a film maker and a storyteller. He’s a genius. Let him do what he wants to do. He knows what he’s doing. Without the foul mouthed, bad language in his films, then his movies wouldn’t have mattered.


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