The best of movies 2012, will come soon, promise you that…

I’m still trying to catch up on new films. Last Friday, I’ve just seen “Django Unchained” which will definitely make the list somewhere. Over the weekend, I watched a few movie rentals. I watched the new “Total Recall” with Colin Farrell, which was a piece of crap, I hated that film, more on that later. I also finally got around to watching Seth Macfarlane’s “TED” which was a very good comedy that I liked a lot. I also watched the comedy film, “Pitch Perfect”, which was also really good. What will make my movies list? I have no idea yet.

Sorry for the delay on this movies list, I just need to see “Les Miserables” in theater, and a few other movie rentals, and then I’ll get this list up hopefully next weekend. I know you guys are interested on what’s going to make my list and in what order. There’s still too many movies out I want to see, and trying the best I can to catch up. I just want to make sure this list is gonna be a good one. Want to make sure it’s worth it.

I have a pretty good idea, of what’s gonna be my no. 1 choice, the best film of all, but I’m not gonna give it away now. Soon. Of course, you’re probably gonna figure it out easily, anyway.


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