Could “Skyfall” actually get a Best Picture nomination???? Really?? Please, yes!!!

Rumors are swirling the internet that the latest 007 flick, “Skyfall”, just might get a chance of making the Oscars. The James Bond franchise has never made the Oscars before, and this just might be the first time for them. I do think “Skyfall” is an incredible film, and when the film got over with, my first thought was, “It just might make the Oscars but it probably won’t.”. If it does get the Best Picture nomination, that would be shocking… but if it gets the Best Picture snub, then there is possibility for other nominations. For example, like the article said, Adele could probably get the nomination for the theme song and Javier Bardem could get nominated for his role as the villain in it.

I really hope, “Skyfall”, gets the nomination. The Oscars has never been friendly with violent movies, but it don’t hurt for a change. A little variety in the Oscars, would be good. I’m getting real tired of all these feel good drama movies getting the Oscars spotlight. We will know the nominations real soon. Can’t wait!

More on the story, here.


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