Why do bands obsess with voting contests too damn much???

On a yearly basis, you would often see bands in facebook, trying to get fans to vote for them for various voting contests. You know, they would say stuff like, “Please help us vote for this______” (whatever contest they are trying to enter). This Grammy’s thing is the most popular. Bands would also enter other contests such as opening for national acts, landing a slot on big festivals, etc. I never understood why bands obsess with these things too much. Personally,  this is just my opinion now, they just want to make themselves look good. It’s their way of making their fans feel proud of them, so the bands can have something to jerk themselves off with. I believe they already know that these contests are fake (I hope they do know they are fake), the voting count is usually rigged. The company hosting the contest, already picks the winner even before the contest even started. So why bother with these things?

I understand bands want good opportunities and they want to move forward in their careers. This is not the way to go if you want to move forward and succeed. This is just my opinion, so no offense to anybody. If you want to make your fans feel good and proud of you, in my opinion, you don’t boost your ego, by forcing fans to vote for you for these stupid things. You make your fans proud of you just by making the music, and playing the gigs.

These voting contests makes bands look a little desperate and self centered. If I ever get myself a band, one of these days, I would not take part in any of these things.

Another thing that people fail to realize about these voting contests, is that the company hosting them, radio station or whatever, they usually do these things as a huge marketing ploy for their business. That’s all they care about. These people that hosts the contests don’t really care about the bands, it’s just their way of promoting themselves as a business.

Bands try to do these things just so they can make themselves look like an established act, when in reality, they are nothing. Bands promoting voting contests, also, seems kind of spammy, that’s another thing that bothers me.

Don’t worry about winning opportunities. You can earn the good opportunities and succeed just by making the music on your own. You can get opportunities to open for national acts, land on huge festivals, etc. without entering any contests. That stuff will come to you, if you’re not desperate. Just work hard, keep making the good music, and who knows what may happen. In my opinion, these contests are pointless and a waste of time.



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