Jodie Foster wasn’t worthy of the Cecil B. DeMille award anyways…

Yes, I did watch the Golden Globes last night. I was pretty happy with most of it. The awards went to the right people, I thought the winners gave great acceptance speeches but of course, despite Jodie Foster’s trainwreck of an acceptance speech when she won the Cecil B. Demille award, I didn’t think she deserved that award to begin with. Why? Because she was never that great of an actress and director to begin with. I only liked a few of her films in her career. For example, she was good in “Taxi Driver”, “Silence of The Lambs”, “Nell”, “The Beaver”, and “Panic Room” were good. She’s not worthy of that award. I thought it was pretty insane to give it to her.

There are plenty of other more deserving actors, actresses, and film directors who deserve to get it. Meryl Streep never got hers yet, hers is long overdue. There are plenty more to name.

Last night’s Globes was an okay show.

HBO’s “Girls” is a really great show, and I’ll admit, I’ve watched most of season 1. That show is what I’ll watch when “Game of Thrones” is over with on Sundays. Lena Dunham and “Girls” deserve all the praise. I want to get the first season of “Girls” on DVD soon. “Girls” is pretty addicting.

“Homeland” on Showtime is a great show too, even though I only watched that show a little bit, not back to back. I’ll follow the rest of that show soon.