Band drama and haters…

I had to remove that one post, ’cause after re-reading it a few times, I felt it was a bit silly, in my part. Admittedly. Although, my feelings toward that band that I was trying to call out haven’t changed. I just need to try and ignore them completely. That’s what you must do if you want a positive and happy life, ya know? Ignore all the immature bullshit completely ’cause that’s what those haters, trolls or whatever you want to call them do what they do ’cause they want to drive you crazy. They make fun of certain people ’cause they want to see you pissed off and they enjoy it when you call them out. They think it’s funny, period, end of story. The more you reply to them, the more they’ll torment you, ’cause they want to see you pissed off even more. The only way to eliminate these kind of people from your life is to act like they’re dead. Act like they don’t exist. Don’t care what anyone says about you and don’t reply to any of it. I try not to, though.

Chances are people are not going to stop picking on you. They’ll be obsessed with it for years. Even if they won’t stop when you do try to ignore them, continue to act like they don’t exist. Pretty much, they just want to get more attention off of you.

When bands & musicians get into this stuff, they’re either drunken alcoholics or on drugs, somewhat. What’s funny is that a lot of bands claim they don’t have time for this drama shit, either, but when they get into this online bullying stuff, what’s wrong with that picture?

I’ve been dealing with this stuff for years. If you’re getting too many haters, don’t let ’em bring ya down. Learn to stay above ’em.

Just keep being you, life is not about pleasing everyone. I don’t see why people feel the need to be negative, either, I hear ya’. Just don’t care about anybody and life would be great for ya. If you want to have a great music career, you have to ignore the haters, trolls, doubters or whatever, completely.