Actually, could it be the Rock vs. Brock Lesnar at WM-29???

Another prediction I have for this Sunday’s, Rumble PPV, is that Brock Lesnar could be a surprise entrant in the 30 Man Rumble, and he could win the whole thing so he can headline Wrestlemania. The Rock will probably end up winning the title from Punk, but it probably won’t be a long title run. Lesnar will probably take it from the Rock at this year’s, ‘Mania. The Rock vs. Lesnar headlined a Wrestlemania years ago before and it could be Rock vs. Lesnar II this year. Which will be good ’cause I’m tired of Cena in the main event spotlight at ‘Mania every year. I probably will end up watching the Rumble this Sunday. Even though, I gave up watching WWE ppv’s, I still watch the two big ones yearly: “Royal Rumble”, and “Wrestlemania”.

Even though, I still don’t like WWE’s current direction, I still respect the performers and still am a wrestling fan.

WWE doesn’t use Lesnar that much, but I think he will make an appearance at the Rumble this Sunday.


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