Film Review: Identity Thief

Starring: Melissa McCarthy, Jason Bateman

Directed by: Seth Gordon

A lot of people are saying, “Identity Thief”, is one of the funniest comedies made in a long time. So after hearing some people say it was a funny movie, I decided to go check out the film myself today. So here is my review…

Plot/synopsis: Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman), who is a business man and a family man, finds out that he is a victim of an identity theft after losing his job and almost everything in his life. He finds out who this identity thief is, who turns out to be this mysterious woman who have been using up all of his credit cards and personal information. Since law enforcement refuses to do anything about it, Sandy, decides to do something about it himself, by traveling all the way from Denver to Miami to confront the thief. After he finally picks her up, on the way back to Denver, Sandy isn’t the only victim who tries to confront her. Other victims tries to confront her as well, but they are dangerous criminals who are out for revenge.

My thoughts, is that this wasn’t the funniest film ever that people made it out to be. There were a few funny scenes. I laughed at a few scenes, but not throughout the entire film. I thought the script was kind of a mess. Unrealistic and most of it was kind of silly. I don’t really care for Jason Bateman. I do remember the guy from “Arrested Development” and “Silver Spoons”, but he was never a good actor.

I do have a few positives with the film, though. First of all, Melissa McCarthy was very enjoyable and likeable. She did steal the show and she was the best part of the film. I just wish they gave  the film a better script. Secondly, I liked the Robert Patrick appearance, he played the main villain. He was one of the criminals who tried to go after them.

This film was more like an action comedy. It had a lot of action in it. I was actually pretty impressed with the car chases toward the end of the film.That was another good part of it.

On top of that, buddy movies where they have two big stars team up together have been done in comedy too many times. “Plains Trains, & Automobiles”, “Rush Hour”, “Midnight Run”, “Beverly Hills Cop”, and the list goes on and on. This film “Identity Thief” seems like a rehash and a rip off of all those movies. So a film like this is nothing new and original.

Don’t get me wrong, “Identity Thief”, was an okay film, just nothing I would watch again. It was an alright film. And Rex Reed, that slammed her for her weight in his review, needs to shut his mouth. I think it’s wrong to criticize the weight on big women ’cause they can be beautiful. I’ll have another topic about that soon.

Score for, “Identity Thief” = ** (2 stars as in “Okay”)


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