Cool Video: Rousey vs. Carmouche thoughts…

I didn’t watch UFC 157, last night because the ppv was a bit pricey. $55, so I couldn’t afford it. I only wanted to watch that ppv just for the women’s fight alone so I decided to wait for it to land on youtube. The video below is a bootleg video but you can still see it and hear it fine. So watch it quick before, UFC pulls it for copyright.

As I’ve been saying for a while now, I knew the women were going to put on an incredible fight, and they did exactly that. I had a blast watching this. Ronda is one tough chick. She may have used the arm bar technique a lot, but it was smart and she had a reason to do so in order to survive and get the win. Even though, Carmouche is more muscular and stronger, Ronda somehow managed to get the win, anyway, so this fight was impressive.

Yet, there are still a lot of jealous men in facebook hating on this fight, but they need to grow up and give the women a chance. I give props for Dana for doing something risky, and it’s a good thing he’s doing. It’s an opportunity for female fans of UFC and to help grow a larger fanbase with women. Women in UFC will be good for the business and the sport. Men may hate women in UFC now, but give it time. It’ll take a while to get used to and maybe men will respect the ladies fighting in the future.

Since, this fight was a major success, you can very well believe there will be many more women fights in the future. I’m sure there are a lot of angry women out there who want to take that title from Ronda now. So get used to it.


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