RIP: Paul Bearer 1954 – 2013

Like most people in the wrestling community, I am heartbroken and devastated by this news. Paul Bearer (real name: William Moody), was a childhood hero of mine as well. He was an important figure in the wrestling industry, and he was a huge part of what made wrestling great. He is most famous for being the longtime manager for Undertaker and Kane, he is also the father of those characters story line wise. In the earlier days, he also managed Ravishing Rick Rude, and Stunning Steve Austin (before he was Stone Cold).

Even though William Moody retired from wrestling a long while back, he occasionally made appearances once in a while. His last appearance on WWE RAW was back in April of 2012, during Kane’s feud with Randy Orton (see video below of Paul Bearer’s latest WWE appearance). Paul Bearer has always been one of the greatest characters in wrestling. He started off as a scary and evil character, but now that character is loved by everybody. His white face and his scary high pitched speaking voice.

Now that Paul Bearer, has passed away don’t expect CM Punk to break the Undertaker’s streak at ‘Mania. Undertaker will win again, no matter what happens, in honor of Paul. Even though this story was reported on, I hope this isn’t a wrestling angle to hype up this match ’cause that would be dumb of WWE. It wouldn’t surprise me if the WWE turns this into a story line and fake his death ’cause the Undertaker/Kane thing has always been mysterious, something to keep in mind. So I don’t fully trust this news source, yet, but I’m posting the obit anyway. Paul Bearer was 58 years old.



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