My music still gets good responses, which is why it makes me want to get back out there…

Every time an old performance of mine surfaces youtube or things like that, my songs still get good responses from my supporters. It’s a pretty amazing feeling, in fact, which is why I’m honored and humbled, that people still enjoy my music to this day. As I said once before, it may not seem like I have a fan following, but I really do. The more people support my music, the more it makes me want to get back out there. It is also the reason, I decided not to ignore my older songs.

I’m hoping to get back out gigging again this year, maybe book a few gigs for the Spring and Summer. I should have no problem getting gigs again. All I have to do is contact a band or artist if they need any openers or I can just contact a venue myself.

As long as I still have people that support my music, I should still do it for them.

I would like to make an album, by recording in the studio and releasing a CD, but that would be a big project, and I’m actually taking kickstarter into a consideration. Who knows? Maybe it’ll actually work. Thinking about it for now, doesn’t mean I’ll do kickstarter, yet. I’ll have to learn more about it first.

I would love to gig all over the place, constantly but since I don’t have my own transportation, and don’t drive, that what makes it tough. I’m looking into getting my license this year too. Gotta get a job to save for a car and stuff.

Maybe people really do respect my music after all. It’s really hard to tell whether people do or not. You just never know. That’s why you need to let the music speak on it’s own. If I don’t get recognized for my music at all, I don’t care. As long as people support my music, that’s all that should matter. I’ll continue to play for them, the fans.

That’s what all musicians and bands should be concentrating on, the fans that support them. Not worrying about the haters and doubters. No matter how many people dislike your music or if they doubt you constantly, you WILL have supportive people who will be kind enough to support your music. That you should be thankful for.


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