Grammar study…

I’m not sure if some of you have noticed, but I’ve been changing my writing style to this blog a little bit. How, you may ask? I’ve been studying Grammar and English on my own. There’s something, I need to study for, and I just want to make my writing style a little better. Over the years, I wanted to make my writing style just simple and easy to read. I never took the grammar part, that seriously ’cause when you’re posting on the internet; grammar really doesn’t need to be taken seriously by people. I’m going to be taking building sentences more seriously, use of punctuation, expand my vocabulary, etc. I just want to improve my writing to the next level. I have bought a book that teaches you better Grammar, and I’ll be buying more books. I have also been studying Grammar on the internet as well. I’m studying real hard. My grades in English class in high school were decent, but I want to do my best and perfect my writing style, so I’m going to be using my blog to practice my skills. Perfecting my grammar is necessary, if you want to attract more readers to your blog and if you want people to take it more seriously. Another reason is, I’m thinking about getting back into fiction writing. Want to write a book someday. Something I’ve dreamed of doing for years.


5 thoughts on “Grammar study…”

  1. You use too many commas, my man. Even in this post. I’d work on that the most. You also don’t need to capitalize ‘grammar’.

    1. I’m just realizing that I use too many commas, over the years of my blogging style. Re-reading some of my older posts made me realize, I need to improve myself more. My writing style is still pretty decent but still needs a lot of improvements. If I want to get paid for blogging or get paid for writing movie reviews, I really need to improve and learn.


      1. Yes, my overuse of the comma is the problem and have a few other problems with my writing style. Like using the wrong words and stuff. Seriously, I’ve been doing so much reading and studying on grammar/English. It all seems like a piece of cake, but at the same time; it pisses me off too. This makes me wish I can do high school all over again, to make my grades better… but I can always improve myself now.

        The way to not overuse commas are to use more semicolons, colons, dashes, etc. It’s gonna be a long while ’til I become an grammar/English wiz, but that is my goal. If I want people to take my writing more seriously, grammar is key and it’s getting worked on. I try not to use so much commas but it can’t be helped, but I’m working on it.


  2. My advice – when you’re done writing something, read it out loud to yourself. The places that you pause while speaking are the places where you need commas. Works for me every time.

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