Thought: Why Dolph Lundgren deserves more recognition in Hollywood…

It seems that action-star Dolph Lundgren, only gets huge in Hollywood whenever he works with his long-time pal and friend, Sylvester Stallone. Dolph is only well-known for “Rocky IV” as Ivan Drago, and in “The Expendables” as Gunnar Jensen. He has done some big-screen movies without Sly with films such as: “Masters of the Universe”, “Red Scorpion”, “Universal Soldier” (the first one), “The Punisher” and maybe a few others; most of Dolph’s movies have been straight-to-video B-movies. Dolph has always been a struggling actor-director for years. He tries really hard to become successful and he does take his work seriously.

Why does he deserve more recognition? I can think of a few reasons. For starters, Dolph knows movies and behind-the-scenes directing better than everybody. He can do the tough-guy image really well in action movies. In films, he can play both the villain and the hero really well. He knows how to make violent action scenes and make them exciting and thrilling. Even some of his straight-to-video movies can be pretty violent and gruesome. I actually like some of his straight-to-video stuff ’cause I’ve been watching quite a lot of ’em on Netflix. The man works extremely hard.

I also admire Dolph for his martial arts training and fitness advice. In fitness, he’s one of the very few guys who don’t rely on bodybuilding weights to get ripped. He got the body with martial arts, which is what he is an expert at. I watched “Red Scorpion” on Netfilx last night and forgot how good that movie was. Dolph is a badass, and a true action star. He’s underrated and wish he would get recognized more.

I think he will get bigger roles after, “The Expendables” is done. He’s an interesting guy, I don’t get why Hollywood continues to ignore his talent. Dolph is great. I wish the nay-sayers will give the man a chance ’cause he can be something special. He is also a big inspiration to me right behind Sly and Arnold. I’ve been watching Dolph movies for years. I thought I would get this topic off my chest since I’ve been watching a lot of Dolph films through Netflix streaming and DVD rentals.


Edit to add: I also watched the new “Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning” on Netflix a few weeks ago and that was actually really good! Dolph only had a small role in that film, though.

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