A lot of people are going after Obama, what’s up?

Watch this interesting video about the Chinook helicopter that was shot down by Taliban insurgents. A destruction that killed 30 Americans or over. It really does seem like Obama sent them on a suicide mission or he wanted to have them killed intentionally. It really does seem like Obama’s trying to cover himself by cremating the bodies without the families permission and all that stuff.

That facebook image I posted before that listed all the things that makes Obama bad when it mentioned, “Seal Team 6 Deaths”, this is what that was referring to. I know the Chris Kyle death was unrelated to this. Chris was shot to death on a shooting range. Even if Obama may have nothing to do with Chris’s death; still though, don’t be surprised if Obama did have something to do with it. Since Obama seems to be covering up the Chinook destruction that makes it alright to question Obama about Chris Kyle’s death too. If Obama has been suspiciously quiet on Chris Kyle then that kind of shows that he might of did something with the Seals of the Chinook helicopter.

All of this is really sad and disturbing. The families of the victims of Chinook, Benghazi, Operation: Fast and Furuious, etc. deserves answers and they still haven’t gotten them yet. ALL BECAUSE OF OBAMA!!! A lot of people are going after Obama. The IRS stuff and the illegal drones. Yeah, all this stuff is good enough to call Obama the next Hitler, indeed! Obama is an evil piece of scum. He needs to be impeached and thrown in jail. It’s amazing how he’s still standing.

Like I said a few times before… people don’t hate on Obama for no reason. They don’t hate him for the hell of it. The American people hate him ’cause he is evil. We get accused of being “haters” or “Anti-Obama” people but I never saw us that way. I look at us as scared Americans who hate how our country is being ruined and destroyed by our President. Why does Obama kill people and get away with it? One word: power. That’s all he’s about and that’s all he cares about. It’s all about Muslim Brotherhood and he has a vision in his head of what he wants this country to be; an Islamic country. If you can’t see that, then you’re blind and need to wake up.

I’m sorry people but this guy really needs to go. I wish Congress would investigate him. He hasn’t yet because there’s no hard evidence of his crimes ’cause he’s hiding everything.


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