I think Rollingstone magazine should be sued and shut down…

For once, I’m with most people in America that what Rollingstone magazine did was in bad taste. I always knew that Rollingstone was a shit magazine but they really went low when they put the Boston bomber on the front cover. Therefor, I’m never buying their magazine again and never even going to Rollingstone.com. I used to subscribe to the magazine during my high school years. I used to be a fan of the magazine but not anymore. Their articles are shit. Their reviews are shit. Their top 100 lists are shit. They would do anything for attention. Like most people. I’m boycotting Rollingstone. I hate Jan Wenner, that guy sucks and he knows nothing about music.

It’s cool they want to write about the Boston bombings, nothing wrong with it but giving the Boston bomber the rock-star status by putting him on the cover is crossing the line. It’s okay that news magazines like TIME, Newsweek or something like that would put him on the cover but an entertainment magazine. NO!

Rollingstone were a garbage magazine anyway.


One thought on “I think Rollingstone magazine should be sued and shut down…”

  1. Unfortunately, all this publicity they are getting is exactly what they were looking for. Talking about it only gives them what they wanted. It’s a lot like their “Top 100” lists, which are always ridiculous and generate a lot of buzz – especially when it comes to guitarists.

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