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I started reading poetry a few months ago hoping to learn how to write poems of my own or to improve my lyric writing. I started reading poems by various poets such as Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, EE Cummings, Alfred Tennyson, etc. Those poets were pretty good but I was hoping for something better and more intense. Until I started reading poems by Charles Bukowski, I was immediately hooked. I’m so addicted to Bukowski poems. Bukowski is the true poet, in my opinion. What I love about Charles Bukowski is that he liked to rant and rave in his poems. He would rant in a no holds barred anything goes kind of style. Read his poems for proof. He’ll use cuss words and talk dirty quite a lot. He doesn’t even rhyme when he wrote his poems. After reading a lot of Charles Bukowski poems, that’s pretty much all the poetry I need. Who cares about all the other poets. Bukowski really did something and inspired me. His way of writing is kind of like me. He had an interesting way of words too.

After reading a lot of poetry already, I’ve came to an understanding that there are no rules in poetry. You don’t even need to learn how to write poetry. You don’t need to go to poetry class or read a “how to” book. If you want to write poetry, just write. You don’t have to rhyme. You can make your poems as long as you want. You can make a verse as long as you want. The same goes for writing song lyrics, I guess.

I just thought I would read poetry for something different and for some inspiration. I was asking for some poet recommendations from people in facebook a little while back and a few women kept recommending me, Charles Bukowski. I can understand why they would think I would like his poems ’cause I believe people think the way I write on the internet is kind of like Charles Bukowski. That’s why his name came up a lot when I asked for poets to read. Glad, I took their advice.

I’m gonna start writing my own poetry this month. Maybe start tonight. I’ll use poetry to vent about things that goes in life just like Bukowski does. I won’t write in his exact style, of course, I gotta come up with my own. Poetry is interesting, though. Glad I got into it. If I start writing my own poetry, not sure if I’ll publish them for my blog… maybe certain ones but not all of them. I could do my rant & raves in poetry form for this blog to make things interesting instead of blogging in long paragraphs. I’ll have to figure something out.


2 thoughts on “More on poetry…”

  1. If you like Bukowski, also check out Allen Ginsburg and other “beat” poets. Patti Smith, the punk singer, also did a lot of poetry, too.

    1. Thanks for the recommendations. I really am thinking about turning my songwriting into a more poetic direction. Plus, I wanna pick up a new hobby and write poems of my own. Poetry is cool.


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