Cool Video: Lady Gaga goes naked in new video…

A new video by Lady Gaga have surfaced the web today. In it, she’s doing some kind of weird performance art known as the Abramovic Method. I believe this video is in tribute to, Marina Abramovic.

A lot of people are probably hating on Lady Gaga for this but what she’s doing is “art”. Performance art. Doing it in the nude is completely okay ’cause that’s what a lot of artists do. Perform art in the nude. You know how painters would paint nude people? Well this is pretty much the same thing.

I think it’s a beautiful video. It’s why I love Lady Gaga. She’s not afraid to take her creativity to extremes.

Now the whole world knows what she looks like completely naked and I think she looks beautiful. There’s nothing wrong with expressing yourself like this. It’s all part of art. She’s not doing this for attention at all. She has a message behind this.

I think this is very different and awesome. Looking forward to her new album, “Art Pop”.


EDIT TO ADD: The reason for this video is to help promote the kickstarter project to fund the Marina Abramovic Institute.

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