Do you need to over promote yourself to get yourself out there? Ya know, over do it?

There’s a lot of musicians who mistakenly believe that you must promote and market yourself everywhere as much as possible. Especially on the internet. There are musicians who get so obsessed with promoting themselves a bit too much… not naming names. Is it a good idea? They would do a lot more than just facebook online. Local bands would use other stuff such as other local music websites and they would promote themselves everywhere as much as possible. The sad truth is… no… it’s not a good idea to promote yourself to death like that… and here is why…

  1. It’ll annoy people – It’ll make it seem like you’re sending spam out to them. Shoving your music in front of their faces. Not cool.
  2. You need to focus more on your music – Wasting your time on the internet promoting yourself is the same thing as playing video games for hours.
  3. It’ll make you look desperate – Enough said?

You don’t need to promote yourself too much. I agree that marketing and promoting are both extremely important but all you need to get the word out of your music are just a few things. Just a facebook, blog, website, twitter and that’s pretty much it.

Not a lot of people will come hear your music no matter how much you promote yourself. People will find it on their own. If your music is good, they’ll come find ya and check ya out. All you need is promote your projects or gigs like once or twice and you should let the people make the decision if they want to support ya or not. Musicians are pretty obsessed with being at the center of everyone’s attention.

Just let the music speak on it’s own and people will come to ya.

You also don’t want to update your facebook like pages every five seconds, all day long. That will lead people to unlike your page and you will lose their support. Only promote things that are worth it.

I hardly ever use my facebook like page for my music but when I get new songs written, I’ll get it rolling again. It’s pretty annoying how musicians promote themselves way too much. I “unlike” their pages ’cause of that reason alone. All you need on your facebook like pages is like 1 or 2 posts a day.

Musicians are really horrible at marketing and I’m not afraid to say things like this.


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