The best Star Trek movies ranked in order…



The Star Trek official page posted this interesting image… ranking the best Star Trek movies in order that was chosen by fans at a Star Trek convention. Here is the entire Star Trek filmography ranked in order from best to worst.

Some of you may scratch your head at this list and ask yourself, “Why is Galaxy Quest listed there?”. “Galaxy Quest” is a comedy film starring Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver. The film is also a homage to Star Trek, a tribute kind of thing. That’s why the movie made the list. It’s a parody of Trek.

I agree with this list. It’s pretty well done.

I agree that the first four listed on here are the best ones of them all. “The Wrath of Khan” was the best Trek movie of the original series and “First Contact” was the best of the TNG series. I did like the “Undiscovered Country” and “The Voyage Home”.

All the other Star Trek films needed a little work. To be honest with you, I never really cared for the JJ Abrams reboot. I never saw, “Star Trek Into Darkness” in theater. I was gonna wait for rental on that one. What’s wrong with Star Trek? Is this franchise dying? The reason for the reboot with younger cast is ’cause the TNG cast retired and moved on… Paramount Pictures can’t think of new ideas so they decided to reboot the series. I’m a huge Star Trek fan and would like this franchise to improve. When you come to think of it, I’m glad JJ is leaving “Star Trek” for “Star Wars” ’cause it’s a good opportunity to improve the franchise. I didn’t like JJ behind Star Trek, anyway. Way too much lens flare and the CGI gave me a headache.

Star Trek needs to be saved, big time. I don’t like where it’s going. It’ll be nice if we get one last Next Generation movie, though. That’ll be great if Picard and the rest of the gang will reunite for one last film but I don’t see that happening anytime soon sadly. Seems like the entire TNG cast is done. They spent most of their lives working on the franchise so I guess a retirement for all of them is well-deserved.

I love Star Trek. I grew up on the franchise. Have been a Trekkie ever since I was a child.



15 thoughts on “The best Star Trek movies ranked in order…”

  1. You can’t get past some lens flare for good writing and acting? You should check out the last one. The cast nails every bit of that film.

    1. I hear “Star Trek: Into Darkness” wasn’t any good. The film got mixed reviews. It’s one of the films you either love or hate. Being the Trekkie that I am, I’ll still check it out, though. I just don’t like the re-boot idea. I prefer one last TNG movie or something new and original. Maybe give “Voyager” or “Enterprise” their own movie. All kinds of ideas.


      1. I can see why new Star Trek fans would like the JJ reboot but if you ask the longtime die-hards what they think of the re-boots, they probably wouldn’t like ’em. Like I said in this post, the Star Trek franchise has had problems of trying to make a good movie for years. There were only about 3 or 4 Star Trek films that were really good but the rest of ’em had some problems. It’s very difficult to make a good Star Trek movie.


  2. I thought the last one was pretty bad, Kev. Not surprised that apparently other Star Trek fans did too.

    1. Paramount should just ditch the re-boot and try something else. Younger versions of the original characters isn’t working for them. Reunite the TNG cast please!


    1. The reviews are mixed. Rotten Tomatoes sucks anyways, and anybody who has seen the two new Star Trek movies are pretty much new fans who haven’t even seen the TV series or the earlier movies. The fan reviews in that link pretty much proves that.


      1. Also, I’m getting real tired of people just getting into Star Trek and they only know about those two new films that JJ did. People like those are really missing out a lot. If you like the two JJ Star Trek films… try watching the older series especially the original series and “The Next Generation”. Watch all the previous movies pictured in the image above. While Star Trek has a lot of problems, it’s a really great franchise. I like it more than Star Wars. Star Trek is real science fiction. The original series and “The Next Generation” are Netflix streamable so are “Deep Space Nine”, “Voyager”, and “Enterprise”. Star Trek is the real deal. Pretty smart writing and storytelling.


  3. 87% is not mixed. Mixed would be in the neighborhood of 50% and that is the average compiled from all reviewers.

    Star Trek IV is still my favorite, though.

    1. The reviews are mixed everywhere else online, though. If you haven’t seen much of the earlier films, I would recommend, “The Wrath of Khan” and “First Contact”. Both are pretty amazing films and probably the best Trek two Trek movies ever made, in my opinion.

      I would forget “The Final Frontier” though, that was probably the worst of the original series.


      1. I’ve seen all of the originals up to IV and watched all the original episodes more than once, after that I lost interest. I watched TNG, but never bothered with the movies.

      2. “First Contact” is still recommended, though. That’s the best of the TNG movies. The Borg Queen is a cool as hell villain.


      3. Star Trek really is falling apart, though. I just want the franchise to get successful and big again like it once was. They really need to step up their game. How about a new TV series too?


  4. DS9 is my favorite of all the series. I’m with you about the last two movies – they were fun but I think they missed the point. They were more action movies than Star Trek movies. And, not to be a total nerdy asshole, but there were so many things in Into Darkness that, from a logistical standpoint, didn’t really make much sense.

    1. They were more action movies than Star Trek movies.

      Exactly, bro. That’s what I’ve been saying on this blog for years now, and why I don’t like the new reboot! JJ turned them into popcorn CGI action movies and that’s not the way Star Trek is supposed to be. Star Trek is originally supposed to be politics in space and exploration. Seek out new worlds and new civilizations. That’s what Star Trek is supposed to be. Star Trek needs to get back to that original format.

      I’ll be honest with you guys that I didn’t watch all of “Deep Space Nine” and “Voyager” when they used to be on TV but I was meaning to watch all of those shows soon on Netflix. I have never even watched, “Enterprise” with Scott Bakula. I’ll watch all of that show on Netflix too.

      I mostly watched the original Trek and TNG over the years.


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