Fans loyalty to bands & artist… do they really get this obsessed with them???

One thing facebook proves is the way fans react to bands & artists. Not only bands & artists can have weird and strange attitudes, fans can be a lot weirder. I’m not knocking fans supporting bands in any way, am not jealous, there is just something I don’t get about them. Fans would stay loyal to their favorite unsigned band or solo artist. They would go to almost all of their shows. Buy all of their records, merch, etc. They would “like” every post they put up in band pages. Whenever people are trash talking this band/artist in a negative direction their fans would defend them and have their back no matter what. Fans would also like everything they do no matter if the guys in the bands are idiots and they sometimes do crazy things. You get the idea.

All of this is really strange to me.

I understand fans want to see their favorite band/artist succeed and move on up in their careers. That’s why fans do what they do. It’s their way of showing their support to this band and to make them feel proud and happy. It’s their way of supporting unsigned acts and the music scene. Trying to be nice and supportive. They don’t want to see bands get setbacks or to be put down by other people. Everything have to be positive about them. It’s the same thing with national music too. Fans can get pretty obsessed with artists in the major labels.

A lot of fans don’t want to look at bands with reality and honesty like I do. It is hard to be honest about unsigned bands without their supporters getting all over you and I’ve had that problem for years. It should be perfectly okay to be honest and have an opinion on local bands/artists but when you do people will call you a “hater” and will say things that you’re just “jealous”, and nothing more. The thing that people don’t understand is that music is here to be open for honest critique. That’s what we listen to music for. Review it, critique it. Listen to a band/artist and be able to tell if we like it or not. Or if you want to disagree with how a band does things, you should be able to say all that too. There should be absolutely nothing wrong with critiquing a band.

Again, I don’t understand fans obsessions with bands/artists. Do they really love them that much? I may be a fan of certain bands/artists myself but I’m not that obsessed with them. I maybe supportive of local music but I’m not gonna like and agree with everything they do. Sometimes I don’t understand people at all.




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