I think it’s a proven fact that bands/artists can’t handle criticism…

I think it’s a proven fact that bands/artists are pretty lousy at handling honest criticism. Why do many of them see what you’re doing is a personal attack when you know that’s not your intention? Whenever you criticize their music, the way they promote themselves, the way they handle things in their career, etc. — they all seem to get hurt and upset about it pretty easily. This has always been a problem. That’s why drama and feuds happen with other musicians. Why? Why do they usually get their panties in a bunch over your opinions on certain things? I’ve been dealing with this with musicians for many years. In other local music forums and social media. They would bash you in forums, block you in social media, and then they would want nothing to do with you. The world of musicians would seem like a big soap opera. This is part of why I have such a problem trying to get along with certain musicians who I always respected and was trying to support.

I’m just beginning to figure out why all of this is. I think the reason is that musicians really are ridiculously sensitive people. They take everything personally. I think the main thing is why musicians get upset easily is because musicians thrive on flattery. When they make music, and art… they put it out there publicly for the world to see… they expect all the feedback to be positive. It’s all ego, pretty much and they’ll never want to admit it.

I can handle criticism toward my own music just fine. If you want to hate me, fine go for it. I know I can’t please everybody. The world doesn’t work like that.

It’s okay to critique bands/artists signed in the major labels… people will have no problem but when you criticize the local acts, they’ll get all hurt about it.

If music is what you want to do, you got to be strong and tough. Don’t let the critics bring you down. I’ve had so many anonymous blogs bashing me, and people using youtube to make fun of me. All that is fine and good but honestly, I find that stuff to be pretty hilarious. I actually have a good laugh and find it amusing that people would take the time to do that stuff. I don’t allow bashing and criticism aimed against me here, in facebook or my youtube channel but everywhere else you can feel free to bash me all you want to.

You have to learn that feedback and responses to what you do is not all going to be positive. People have been treating me in a negative direction for years so I only speak from experience.

You have to learn how to handle the criticism in the world of music ’cause if you want to forward your career… maybe go as far as getting signed… there’s going to be all kinds of negative people the more you move forward in your career. You will get more bloggers, music critics, people in the industry trashing you publicly, trust me. It’ll happen. If you let the negative feedback get you down, it’ll be career suicide in the future.

So you have to learn not to take what people seriously. I never did.

Musicians just want to be flattered all the time by the positive feedback. This may seem pretty weird to you but I honestly feel pretty flattered and humbled when people hate me. That feels good too. Whether you like me or hate me, either one is good. That’s part of being a musician. You have to be able to take the hate just fine and I can do exactly that as you can see. I know I’m one of those musicians that you either love or hate and I’m all good with that.

Like the old saying goes, “if you can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen?”. Well, that’s what you should do if you can’t handle the criticism in the world of music. Being a “professional” musician is not for you if you can’t handle it, believe me.


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