10 of the lamest things I see bands/artists do in facebook marketing…

I have quite a bit of unsigned/local bands & artists in my own facebook page. Sometimes bands promote themselves really well and know what they’re doing. Sometimes they’re really shit about promoting themselves and horrible at it. Why are bands sometimes horrible at promoting themselves in facebook? I can name ten of these reasons in no particular order…

Warning: This post may ruffle some feathers of musicians but the truth needs to be said.

  • Obsessing with getting as many likes as possible – Can bands really be this selfish and desperate? All they think about is getting more fans. Your focus shouldn’t be on trying to get as many fans as possible. Your focus should be on making the great music and getting people to like it. Let the music speak on it’s own. Make it, get it out there, and let the people decide if they want to support you or not.
  • Giving fans rewards when this band reaches a certain number of likes – You see it all the time in facebook. When bands reach to a number of 5,000 fans or 7,000… they’ll say things like, “Hey facebook, thanks for helping us get to 7,000 fans and for this here is some free music for you to download for a week”. Pretty lame and stupid, in my opinion. The fans don’t realize that they are being tricked. As explained above, the only thing that bands care about is getting more popularity. They don’t give a rats about you, sorry to say.
  • Using facebook as an official band site – I freakin’ hate this. Too many bands have been using facebook as an official site as of late. It seems like that the, “(name here).com” domain names are dead. Keep in mind people, that not everyone uses facebook. A lot of people avoid facebook like the plague so you have to have an official site. A lot of bands use official websites with their own domain names sure but they hardly ever use it. All the action is on facebook. You must promote yourself a lot on both. I did most of my music promoting on here over the years. A lot of people heard of my music and came out to my shows ’cause they heard about me on my blog. It works, trust me!
  • Using Itunes, bandcamp, spotify to exclusively release your albums – Another thing I hate. You should release your album on your official band page. Bands used to do this but social media is definitely changing things around. Using Itunes, bandcamp, spotify to release your music is all good and cool but don’t use that stuff to release your albums exclusive. That stuff should be secondary. Be careful here.
  • Using their personal page to promote their band stuff – Another thing that pisses me the hell off. Your personal page and your music facebook page should be two separate things. Your facebook personal page should be used for non-musician related stuff. Do all your band promoting on your facebook “like” page. Doing band promoting on both personal and the like page is ridiculously stupid. It’s over promoting, that’s why. If you’re gonna post on a personal facebook page, we want to know who you are other than music. I don’t promote my music too much on my personal page… I use it for other things.
  • Posting how high their songs went up the charts (from sites like broadjam, reverbnation, etc.) – Really. Nobody cares if your song is no. 1 on some music site. They aren’t like the Billboard charts or anything. They post this stuff to make themselves look good and talented. Just another example of jerking yourself off. Another example of musicians thriving on flattery.
  • Promoting the same thing more than once – Another thing that bands have a big problem with. Posting event invites, show flyers, status’s, etc. more than once. All you need is to post it once. Posting the same thing 10 times will lead people to “unlike” your page. You don’t want to lose your fans support, do ya?
  • Posting facebook memes and humorous photos to entertain their fanbase – I understand you need to entertain your fanbase by giving them a good laugh or some inspiration by posting facebook memes but that’s what your personal page is for. On your facebook band page, should be band related stuff only. Bands can sometime go a little overboard by being too funny. Do you wanna be comedians or musicians? Watch how you put yourself out there.
  • Getting people to vote for too many contests – There is no need to enter every band contest/competition you see out there. This is one thing that bands get pretty obsessed of doing… getting people to vote for stupid & ridiculous stuff. Not a cool way to promote yourself. Are you that desperate to win something?
  • Thinking that playing local shows is a “tour” – I just laugh at some bands who think playing a bunch of shows around the Capital Region is a tour. They just book a bunch of shows, and make some silly flyer that lists all the gigs and calling it a “tour”. Sorry but playing different cities like Saratoga Springs, Albany, Troy, Schenectady, etc. is not really a tour. A “tour” is a band who travels around the states and the world. That’s just the way I look at it. I just call playing shows around the Capital Region, “gigs”, not a “tour”. I think bands know this. They call it a “tour” anyway ’cause their egos are so big and they want to make themselves look like they’re going somewhere with their music.

I think that pretty much covers it. I can come up with more but those are the ones I can come up with for now.


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