Happy 65th birthday, Robert Plant!!!

Ya know, I hate when people hate on Led Zeppelin and bash Robert Plant. These guys need to be respected. Love ’em or hate ’em, Led Zeppelin is the world’s greatest rock n’ roll band. They were the reasons why I do what I do. They made me the musician that I am. As a kid, when I heard Led Zeppelin for the first time, I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life… play guitar. I wanted to play like Jimmy Page. I don’t know if you notice but most of my songwriting has been borrowed from Led Zeppelin quite often. That’s where my tight and aggressive guitar playing comes from. I get that by listening to way too much Led Zeppelin.

Back to Robert Plant, he may not sing that great like he used to but he is STILL a great rock n’ roll singer and performer. I’ve always respected Robert through his Led Zeppelin and solo careers. I think his solo albums: “Manic Nirvana” and “Fate of Nations” were his best solo albums. I also loved the album he did with Alison Krauss.

Even though there may never be another Led Zeppelin reunion — who knows — maybe Robert and Jimmy will collaborate on a second album together. Robert and Jimmy has been best friends forever so I think they will do more projects even though it’s not Led Zep. Maybe Jonesy will join them on a side project. Anything is possible.

Happy Birthday, and thanks Robert!


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