Started writing my own poetry this week and it’s coming along great!

Just wrote several poems of my own this week. It’s a great way to speak your mind. I wish I got into poetry a long time ago. The reason why I got into poetry is ’cause I wanted to see how they do it and see how they rhyme and stuff. Coming to think of it, after reading a lot of poetry already, I am finding out that you do not need to rhyme at all. In fact, I find poetry to be the best when you don’t rhyme. I think rhyming is boring and stupid, in my opinion. In my lyric writing, I hardly ever made ’em rhyme. I think poetry/lyrics are more interesting when they don’t rhyme. I think rhyming is for cowards and it’s only good for rap music. You can write poetry however you want to. There are no rules.

Will I start publishing some of my own poetry for this blog? Like I said only certain ones. Most of my poetry are going to be for my own private and personal use. Kind of like a private diary. Writing poetry will certainly help get me out of my writers block for songwriting. This will definitely help make my lyric writing a little different.

Poetry is very cool. It’s never too late to get into it.

I’m thinking whenever I start gigging again, I could read a few of my poems spoken word like at the start of the performance. I could also read poetry aloud at open mic shows too. I’ll start reading some on video for my youtube channel.

Only thing though, my poetry will be no holds barred, anything goes kind of poetry. That means they will probably have swearing, dirty talk, and all that stuff. My poetry won’t be just negative rantings, I’ll try to write more friendlier and positive poems too.

Creative writing is good for ya. When I was a kid, I used to want to be a horror fiction writer like Stephen King but once I discovered music and guitar playing things changed. In fact, I have already been writing poetry for years ’cause lyrics is pretty much the same thing, anyway. Writing is one of my favorite things to do as you can tell ’cause writing on a blog is a huge part of it. I just love to write what’s on my mind. It helps make you stronger, smarter, and makes you a better person.


2 thoughts on “Started writing my own poetry this week and it’s coming along great!”

    1. Oh yeah, I love Bukowski. I just read a whole book of Bukowski poems. A book of his called, “Sifting Through the Madness”. I’ll buy more of his books soon. I don’t know why so many people talk to me about Bukowski. I guess his writing style is very similar to my online writing. I guess that’s why so many people figured why I would like him and they were right.


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