And the songwriting begins…

I just spent most of my afternoon tracking down rhythm and riff ideas for new original music. Recorded a bunch of riffs and putting them together in a full song. I’m just recording the music first. Then I’ll write the lyrics and record the vocals last. I used to write lyrics first before the music but I’m going to try it the other way around. Maybe that’ll help improve my songs even more if I write the lyrics last.

Seriously though, my next batch of songs will be in a different direction. More folk music. There will still be rock n’ roll songs but I wanna try some ballads. Feels good to start recording again. How many songs will I come up with in my next batch? As much as I can come up with. I’ll just write a bunch of tunes and release my best work to the public.

Feels good to start recording again finally. I got home recording software. Music Creator 5, I currently use. I used to use ProTools but the ProTools I got no longer works ’cause it’s so old. I’ll need to buy an updated version of ProTools sometime in the future. You can make a decent studio sounding demo right at home. It sounds nice right where I am. I don’t really need to go to no expensive studio.

I’m gonna try my best to make my next batch of songs the best ever. Gonna take my time with ’em. Gonna take vocals seriously. I believe I have what it takes to sing ’em real good. I have been working my ass off on my singing all year. I really want to “sing” with these songs. You might hear a lot more high notes, vibrato, and more range. That’s how hard I’ve been working on it. You will notice the difference in my voice when you hear these songs. I didn’t like my singing voice in my last batch of songs and felt like it needed a lot of improvement. Think I got it now! I’ll prove it soon!


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