Song recording…

I found myself recording a lot more over the weekend. It’s pretty amazing really. The inspiration for songwriting is coming at me like crazy. I got tons of great ideas. Tons of melodies inside of my head and I’m just trying my best to get ’em down on recording so I don’t forget ’em. The way I used to record is that I used to record the whole song down in one take. Write the song first, and then record it down. I used to never agree with recording little by little and editing them together but I find that to be much easier now. I’m just recording a bunch of riff and rhythm ideas for now. Just trying to get ’em out of my head. Yes, I’m playing along with a “click track”, this time. I’ve really gotten the hang with the metronome. The metronome is pretty easy, it’s not that hard to play along with to stay in sync. Just takes a lot of practice and it pays off.

Once I get the ideas down for all the songs, I’ll start finishing them up. I’ve got about 5 song ideas down and pretty proud of how they’re coming out. I’ll have to warn you though, that these songs could be a little intense and emotional. The lyrics may be a little deep too. I’ll do my best to make these songs great. I’m hoping these songs could get a lot of plays and could go viral. If nobody still cares, that’s okay… I’ll enjoy ’em for myself.

There has been a change in my singing voice. I don’t sing as deep as I used to. I’ve been working on my singing really hard… have a bit more range now and you could already hear that in my Richie Havens cover in youtube.

Practice makes perfect. If you want to improve, practice is key and you’ll get better.


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