Home recording is cool…

Why do I find home recording better than paying by the hour at local studios? For a lot of reasons. I’m just trying to show people that as a local musician you don’t need to be all fancy and special with your music. Home recording may not be all that perfect quality but you can still make a decent home recording. Keep it old-school. Home recording is great. You can be your own boss. Record all day, all you want to and do whatever the hell you want. Bands shouldn’t neglect home recording. They don’t need to spend all kinds of money at a studio when you can save a lot more recording at home.

Anyway, just recorded rhythm and riff ideas for 5 different songs. I got lots more to go. Plenty of song ideas spinning in my head, it’s crazy! Yep, I think it’s time to get my music going again. I miss it and wanna do it all over again.

Will I get back to playing live again? To start playing these new songs in front of an audience? I’ll try to play a few gigs for them and maybe hit a few open mics, why not. For now, I’ll just release music for the internet only.

I’m proud of how these new songs are coming out so far but I still gotta record vocals for them which I will do soon. I’m gonna try to make the singing good this time. I’m most focused on recording guitar parts first. How many songs will I come up with? I’d say if you’re the type of songwriter who’s gonna say, “I’m planning to write 10 or 11 songs for this album”… then you’re doing it wrong. What a lot of songwriters do out there is write a bunch of songs all day. They would come up with around 30 – 100 songs and then they pick the best material for their albums. That’s how it’s done mostly. It shouldn’t be planned ahead of how many songs you plan to do. It should be unpredictable. Your mind is like a radio. You have songs spinning in your head, all the time. You gotta get them out of you, the best you can.


2 thoughts on “Home recording is cool…”

    1. I don’t have much of a rig. All I have is an M-Audio Fast Track interface and I use headphones to record on. I don’t have fancy and expensive home recording equipment like a lot of musicians do. I would like to get better equipment someday down the road. I would love to have my own recording studio right at home.


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