New song coming tomorrow…

I’ll post a new original song tomorrow. Keep in mind though, that the sound quality is probably not gonna be all that great. It’s a homemade recording so it’s just a demo and a song idea, that’s all. It still sounds okay and you can still hear it pretty good except you might hear a little background hissing but not too bad.

I guess the only possible way that I will be able to record perfectly clean is that my only other choice is to record in a professional local studio which I will do someday when ever I come up with the money.

I was thinking about recording a new demo in Edie Road studios in Greenwich but I don’t like their rates/pricing. I feel that place is way overpriced and kind of a rip-off. I’m sure you can still find very good studios around the Capital District area that are more affordable and cheaper than that. There are good studios around here where they let you record $10 – $20 per hour which I think is better, in my opinion. I’m not knocking Edie Road’s studio btw… I’m sure they’re really good and I’m sure they make beautiful sounding demos… I just hate their pricing. I hear that Don Fury Studios is pretty decent so I’ll probably go with that one. I had my eye on Don Fury for a while and I think he’ll be good to work with. I know he records punk and rock bands mostly but I think he’ll like working with my stuff. I think he does all genres.

I’ll have the song uploaded tomorrow. I think you’re gonna like this one. This blog has been slow today ’cause I was recording vocals for the song most of the day. All done now.



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