A few tips on how to sing better…

There are a lot of singers out there who worry that you can’t improve. They always think what you hear is what you get. Not true. Your singing voice is like an instrument. You can get better with your singing just like you can get better on guitar or bass or whatever instrument you play. In the past, I used to never take vocals seriously and from this point on, I think I will take vocals more seriously. I want to sing good. I’ve been practicing as you can tell. I’m trying to sing with more range, passion and to sing a little higher as well. I am not a screamer yet but I would like to get there someday.

A few quick tips on how you can be able to sing better are: 1) Never hire a vocal coach to work with. Always be self taught. You want your own style of singing. You learn from someone else you’re gonna get their style. 2) Always drink warm liquids… either warm water or hot green tea are recommended. Forget coffee. You want your throat to be dry when singing. When you’re done singing for the day, then you can go back to drinking cold liquids. 3) Practice vocal exercises through singing instructional books/DVD’s (they are always helpful) 4) Practice 20/30 minutes a day, don’t over do it. 4) The goal is to have that buzzing sensation in your head… you want to get all of that sound out 5) Listen to your other favorite singers like I do for example my favorite singers are Robert Plant, David Bowie, Johnny Cash and Neil Young. They are my inspiration of me wanting to sing myself.

If you want to become a better singer, go for it. There are always ways of making your voice sound different. I don’t mean to sound egotistical or jerk myself off but I feel that I’ve gotten better with my singing. I found that I can’t sing my older songs anymore and that says something. I’m sure you’ve noticed a slight improvement… hopefully, I’ve been working on trying to sing every word clearly too… working very hard. Hard work pays off.


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