5 bands & artists in the industry that I like but everyone else hates…

I’m bored today on this Saturday. Trying to come up with something interesting to post today so I came up with this. 5 bands & artists in the music industry that I like but everyone else hates. The problem with people is that everyone seems to have the same tastes in music — siding with popular opinion. I was never like that. If I like an artist, I’ll like an artist — it doesn’t matter if everyone else hates that artist or not. Good music is good music to me… I never cared whether the artist is loved or hated… here is a quick list in no particular order…

  • Metallica – I don’t know why Metallica is still hated today. I never understood all the Metallica hate. Yeah it was because of Napster, their direction change of music, and the sound quality of their albums is why a lot of people hate ’em but they are still a talented band. I’ve stuck with Metallica even through all the St. Anger/Load/Reload/Lulu stuff. Keep the hate going. You’re just making the band a lot bigger than before. Metallica 4 life! \m/
  • Phish – I don’t get all the hate for Phish either. This one confuses the hell out of me. I think I’m starting to figure it out, though. A lot of people can agree they’re talented musicians but they think Trey Anastasio is too arrogant and they jerk off a lot on stage (not in a sexual perverted way but you know what I mean). Love Phish or hate ’em, they’re geniuses. I still think they’re an amazing band. I’ll never turn my back on them like a lot of fans seem to do.
  • Katy Perry – A lot of people like to talk trash at Katy Perry, her music and they like to bash her as a person. I’ve always been a fan of Katy. I’m a fan of all of her music and I like her as a woman as well. She’s not bad as a lot of people make her out to be. I’m not ashamed of liking Katy Perry and I’m looking forward to her new album that she put out called, “Prism”, and yes, I think her new song, “Roar”, is awesome!
  • Lou Reed – Lou Reed has been hated for years that goes way before the “LuLu” stuff. I’ll never forget all the criticism for his “Metal Machine Music” album. Come on. Don’t hate on Lou. The man’s a fucking genius and a legend. You’re trashing the guy who started the Velvet Underground. Have some respect to the legend!
  • Nirvana – They get bashed a lot too. Kurt’s songwriting skills and his singing has always been pretty questionable by a lot of people but I’ve always found this band to be amazing. I love them ever since I was a teenager in high school. Of course, the first album I heard by them was “Nevermind” and I remember as a kid, I couldn’t stop listening to that album. I still love that album today. I love the rest of Nirvana’s music too. I’m looking forward to getting Nirvana’s “In Utero” 20th Anniversary edition. Nirvana were an amazing band. They wrote incredible songs. Loved all of their stuff!

I can come up with a lot more but those five are the big ones.


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