Thoughts about the Jammy’s last night…



I didn’t go to the Jammy’s at Trickshots at Clifton Park last night… of course, I didn’t. Why didn’t I go??? Well, come to think of it… going to a show where I’ll get forced to watch people do a lot of ass-kissing and jerking off is not my idea of a good time. That’s exactly what went on last night. Too much ass-kissing and jerking off.

I stumbled across some photos of the event of someone’s facebook page and like I expected… the show turned out absolutely ridiculous. The show went on as planned and it followed the programming schedule that I posted the other day. Yes, the show gave out “real” trophies I saw. There were local musicians there pretending to be celebrities and playing dress-up. Dressing up like celebs at the Grammy’s, ya know? I’ve seen some people wearing fancy clothing and a few guys even wore tuxedos!!!!!!! (LOL!)

Then I went to the Tier One Talent facebook page and seen that some guy already posted negative feedback of the show… he complained why his favorite band didn’t get the win ’cause some other tribute band got the win for that award even if that band wasn’t on the ballot… the guy said…

“Gotta tell ya that’s the worst awards show hope its better next year how can Kisstory Tribute get beat out by a band that wasnt on the ballot any answers to this if so please speak up also not only was that band not on the ballot i never heard ot saw them play around here but kisstory you guys kick ass”

My response to that comment, why bother with the show next year if you didn’t like this year?

I knew this TierOneTalent guy was gonna pull something shady during the show and there it is in the italics above.

Winners are going off about how they’re excited that they took awards home and their supporters are showing the winners support, of course.

You see… a lot of people around here just live under the delusion of treating local music, “positively”. They treat everything, “positively”. They don’t wanna look at things with reality and honesty. People are ridiculous, in my opinion. I treat local music “positively” too, don’t get me wrong. I love local music and support a lot of talent around here. We have talented bands and musicians around here for sure but I’m not gonna treat everything “positively”. I like being realistic about stuff, ya know? The reason I’m honest and brutal about local music is because…. I don’t wanna come off as pretentious and “fake” which a lot of people seem to be around here.

The award show last night really proved that musicians can be really ego-driven people… they’re crazy.

The sad thing is that people in the scene just doesn’t realize that the award show last night was all about “conflict of interest”. Just this TierOneTalent guy trying his best to promote his fake company by exploiting talent in this area.

TierOneTalent didn’t post the winner results yet and as soon as he gets them up, I’ll post it here asap.

Some of you may ask, why am I obsessed with bashing this thing? Well, for the most part it’s fun. Plus, I’m trying to give a reality check to people that they shouldn’t support events hosted by TierOneTalent. I understand how this area wants to treat local music positively — all cool and good — but they must watch who they trust around here.


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