When you want to start special events like award shows, competitions, fundraisers, etc…

I understand that you want to show your love for local music and support it but if you plan to start special shows like award shows, band competitions, fundraisers, etc. — keep in mind you will get all kinds of mixed criticism from good to bad about your event. When you start to get bad criticism for your event… you gotta learn to take it like a man and accept it. If you don’t and if you become all defensive at all the critics… then that shows that you don’t have what it takes to run your own event and shows that you are unprofessional. Be flattered at all feedback and take it with heart.

It’s pretty clear that the people behind “The Jammy’s”… TierOneTalent and his friends can’t take any criticism of any kind. They cry when they get called out for their shady behavior and lies. They even don’t like negative criticism when people complain about who’s nominated or who won. Shows that people like that are frauds. This was just a DIY (do-it-yourself) award show, NOT legit. It wasn’t really run by professional business people. Just a bunch of amateurs living in dreamland. They’re trying to become kings of the music scene. Egomaniacs trying to get into the spotlight by exploiting other talent.

Welcome to the Albany music scene, people.

I’ve been dealing with a lot of crazy and whacky shit with musicians around the scene for the past decade or so.

I’ve ran my own shows in the past before and I always had my 100% professionalism about those shows. These guys behind “The Jammy’s” don’t have professionalism at all.

When you want to run your own event… especially when it’s public… people will respond and will react of how you run it. People will be opinionated and call you out on a bunch of stuff whether you like it or not. Don’t be a baby about negative feedback when you host your own shows. Take it like a man and ignore it. Just be flattered that you’re being talked about good or bad.

Not everyone is going to treat your event positively. You can’t please every person on this planet and you can’t force people to agree and like everything you do. People are going to be honest… like it or not.

If you think I’m going to stop what I’m doing… not a chance. I’ll keep telling the truth about “The Jammy’s” (and other TierOneTalent events) for next year too… hopefully it won’t happen next year once everyone finally finds out the truth about this guy.


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