Inspirational quote by John Lennon…


I totally agree with, John!

What he said reminds me of myself which I had to re-share this in facebook and now I’m re-sharing this here on my site.

Don’t believe people when they make claims that your honesty or negativity won’t make you any friends. It’s bullshit!

Your honesty may not be for everyone but you’ll still get people who will respect you for it. While my honesty online over the years have been controversial, I have made new friends and fans out of it. People stuck with me and believed in me. Trust me, I’ve met some pretty cool people out of it.

If people don’t like your honesty and no longer your friend ’cause of it… that means they never believed in you after all that time. When people stick with you and new people believe in you, they are the right friends.

While my honesty maybe tough and brutal… I have a lot of people out there who respect me for that, and I’m grateful. Seriously!


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