Emilia Clarke is Sarah Connor for Terminator reboot film…

"Game of Thrones" actress, Emilia Clarke, who is most-famous for playing the role of Daenerys Targaryen aka the khaleesi has officially signed on to play Sarah Connor for the upcoming Terminator reboot film currently titled, "Terminator: Genesis". This would make the second "Game of Thrones" actress to play Sarah Connor 'cause Lena Headey played the character for "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" TV show.

More on the story, here.

The question is will she be starring alongside, Arnold Schwarzenegger? Will he be back to say the famous catchphrase, “Ah’ll be back” again? It is still not yet known whether or not Arnold will be down but he has expressed interest in returning in some form so anything is possible. Never rule out a leading role return for Arnold as the Terminator ’cause that can be a possibility too. Now that Arnold’s done with politics, I can see him returning to the Terminator on a full-time schedule. I’m almost 100% certain that the Terminator re-boot was written for Arnold to return. He’s already set to return as Conan but we’ll soon know if he’s ready for the Terminator. I won’t see the movie if Arnold’s not gonna be in it.

While I hate re-boots… I think the Terminator series deserves a re-boot ’cause “Terminator: Salvation” was garbage. Lets hope they do a better job, next time around. The Terminator deserves a great movie again! The story of John Connor and Skynet deserves to be told better.


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