More on cover songs…

Ya know, when I put up these cover songs for youtube, it is just me showing you my favorite songs that I’ve loved over the years.  I just wanna test myself if I’m capable enough of singing everything. If I’m vocally capable of singing just about every kind of music… I think I might start a cover band on my own. I just wanna try different things. Perform cover songs of all decades of music and try every genre. I have a long list of covers I wanna do in the future and will try to get to them all in 2014.

I’ll keep writing originals too, of course, ’cause I’ve been doing a lot of writing as well. I’ll do both in between covers and originals.

I’ve just started working on Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” which should be fun for you all to hear and Sammy Hagar’s “I Can’t Drive 55”. Soon I’ll start doing songs by The Clash ’cause I wanna do a Clash tribute as well.

Performing covers is great. I don’t know why musicians knock other musicians playing cover songs ’cause I think it’s important for a musician to do. I think I remember the first song that I learned to play on the guitar when I first started was Aerosmith’s “Dream On” and I think I’ll do that one too. I wanna do some Aerosmith stuff as well.

I like to keep my cover songs unpredictable and surprising. I just pick the songs that I like and the ones that I can do. If there’s a song that’s too hard and too challenging for me to sing, I won’t do that one. Someday I’ll do some 90’s grunge/alternative music too like Radiohead, STP, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, etc.

You’ll never know what to expect from me.


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