Guitar solos…

A lot of guitarists make the mistake that when you play guitar solos that means you need to “shred” and play fast notes all of the time. I disagree. Don’t get me wrong, though. “Shredding” and playing fast licks is great. I like shred guitar myself but to be honest, I think it’s overrated. Whatever happened to the music? A lot of guitarists these days just wanna be show-offs… it’s like, “Hey, look at me, I can play faster than you can”.

In my opinion, to be a great lead guitarist, you wanna make your solos sound musical and tasteful. You wanna feel it when playing lead guitar. You wanna make your guitar solos sound like they’re singing a song. That’s my goal as a lead guitarist. I really need to improve the lead guitar as I’ve been trying to do that ever since I picked it up about 19 years ago. That’s the reason I picked up the guitar so I can become a great lead guitarist someday inspired by my heroes like Jimmy Page, Hendrix, and Satriani. That’s the kind of guitarist I wanna be and I’m slowly taking my time and working my way up to it.

Someday, I would like to get a band together so I can record guitar-driven rock songs with big riffs and tasty guitar solos. A guitar album is something I’ve always wanted to do and someday I’ll do that when I’m ready.

You can melt faces with your “fast shredding” yes but you’ll melt faces even more when you make your guitar solos sound musical and memorable.

In my mind, I prefer improvised guitar solos over written solos. Improvising is the way to go. I believe I’ve gotten much better with the ear training and improvising skills. Still got work to do but getting there. Improvisation is not that hard as you think. It’s very easy to learn and quick to pick up.

I just learned the solo for “La Bamba” note for note and that’s actually an easy solo even though it sounds tough to play. I used to never agree with playing guitar solos on cover songs note for note but I guess it’s a good thing to do to help with your lead playing.

I’ve been playing guitar for almost 20 years now, I believe and still got a lot of learning to do. I maybe good at rhythm guitar but I wanna get good at guitar solos too. Don’t always be a show-off. You wanna play music. People get bored of fast notes all the time.


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