Ritchie Valens tribute is coming along nicely…

Been working on videotaping myself performing Ritchie Valens tunes. I recorded two today. “La Bamba” and “Donna”. “La Bamba” was actually kind of a challenge for me to sing but with practice and if you don’t give up,  you’ll nail it perfectly. I think I got “La Bamba” down pretty good. I gave it a different feeling and version, though. I didn’t want to make it sound like the Valens/Los Lobos versions… I’ll make the guitar solo a little different too.

The other songs are gonna be, “Oooh my head”, “Come On Lets Go”, and “We Belong Together”.

I’m probably gonna separate the videos instead of making all of these in a medley. It’s better that way I think.

I’m hoping these videos will get more views ’cause I think people are gonna like ’em. If not, either way, I’ll have fun performing them anyway. I’m planning to add backup vocals and guitar solos hopefully if I can figure it out on the editing software. I’m almost 100% certain that Magix Movie Edit Pro have a picture in picture kind of thing. I gotta learn how to do it. You see musicians in youtube jamming with themselves with that kind of technique, I wanna start doing the same.

I’ll have the Ritchie Valens tribute up on Feb. 3rd. It’s gonna be a good one.


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