Motley Crue done??? I wouldn’t take their so called retirement seriously… yet…

Today, the legendary 80’s hair metal rockers, Motley Crue, famous for songs like “Dr. Feelgood”, “Girls Girls Girls”, etc. just announced a pretty lengthy farewell tour w/ Alice Cooper opening. After they finish their tour, the band claims they’re done completely.

Sorry but these guys are full of shit and I don’t buy their “retirement” one single bit.

Usually when legendary bands & artists announce retirement publicly… they usually make huge comebacks years later. Look how many times Kiss have done that? It’s hard to take “retirement” from bands/artists seriously these days. Why? It’s because of their huge egos… they all wanna make that “huge comeback” so they can sell more tickets to their shows.

Motley Crue is a great band though, I’ve always dug ’em.

Don’t take “retirement” seriously. They’ll be back… they always come back.


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