Acca-believe it…. Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson will return to “Pitch Perfect 2”!!!

I loved the first “Pitch Perfect” movie, and I’m not really into those type of comedies that much. It’s just “Pitch Perfect” was enjoyable, funny as hell and the girls in the film are just adorable too! I’m glad they’re making a sequel to the film. I’m glad Anna and Rebel will return for the sequel ’cause I feel they can’t make upcoming sequels without them. The two young women pictured above made the first movie for what it is. I haven’t gotten the BluRay for this movie for my collection yet but was meaning to get it soon. I’m looking forward to the sequel now that Anna and Rebel are returning. The first “Pitch Perfect” movie is really good. I remember adding that film to one of my yearly best of movies list too. I still stand by it that this movie is great. You should check it out too if you’ve never seen it.


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