Liberals getting mad at Gov. Cuomo for the idea of college in New York prisons…

Over the weekend, this story have been making the rounds of facebook so I decided to respond to it…

Gov. Andrew Cuomo brought up the idea that he is thinking about bringing college into prisons into New York State. He is thinking about letting New York prisons getting the opportunity to earn college degrees. Why? It  helps keeps prisoners stay out of trouble when they are released.

“Cuomo’s program is based on a privately funded model started at Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, which provided college courses in six maximum and medium security prisons across the state. Some 500 inmates were educated and 250 received degrees, and of those only 4% became repeat offenders. It cost $5,000 a year to fund one college education through the Bard program, according to Cuomo.”

This article is right that this is nothing new. College in prisons have been going on at some prisons in other states. They have been successful at lowering crime rates in other states.

At first this idea bothered me a bit but now that I think about it… this is not a bad idea. Prisoners deserve to learn while serving their time.

On top of that… why are liberals in upstate New York mad at this when there are more important things to get mad about?

Like what about all the illegal executive order stuff that President Obama is doing to our country? Raising the minimum wage to $10.10, the stimulus package, the recent truck fuel efficiency, how come liberals aren’t mad at Obamacare? How come liberals aren’t mad at Obama killing innocent people (Benghazi, Operation: F&F, drones, etc.)? Where was the outrage when President Obama commuted 8 low-level drug offenders? Where is the outrage that Obama won’t close Gitmo? Where is the outrage that Obama possibly lied about the death of Bin Laden and hid his birthplace information? Where is the outrage that Obama lies to the American people every time he opens his mouth? Where is the outrage over the NSA and IRS scandals? I can go on all day with this….

Fuck Andrew Cuomo… it’s Obama that you should be worrying about.


2 thoughts on “Liberals getting mad at Gov. Cuomo for the idea of college in New York prisons…”

  1. Well, sure, you should care about what’s going on at the federal level, but in my experience the changes made at the state/local level have a much bigger impact directly on your life. It actually bugs me that people put SO much of their attention into what the President is up to but don’t know who their congressman/woman is or what their positions are. That stuff matters a LOT. I live in New York too and the things that Cuomo does affect me more immediately than whether or not Obama was guilty of Benghazi/F&F.

    1. Obama and Cuomo are pretty much the same. I hate both of them but in my opinion giving prisoners college degrees is not that big of a deal and shouldn’t affect any of us at all.


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