Thoughts on Alec Baldwin…

After announcing that Alec Baldwin claimed he’s done with “public life”, he has agreed to special guest on “Law & Order: SVU” to play a journalist after complaining about the media.

I used to think Alec Baldwin was a bad guy like everyone else but after thinking about it after a while, I’ll take that back and say that Baldwin is actually a really good “man” who is largely misunderstood by the public. Alec didn’t exactly say he was done w/ “public life” completely. He didn’t exactly announce “retirement” from show business. I think a lot of people are taking his “public life” statements out of context.

I think he made a clear point that he was going to focus on acting and not be a celebrity. Meaning, that he’s done w/ interviews with the press, appearances on talk shows, etc. That’s what he was referring to, I think. Alec is not a bad guy that’s how the media is making him out to be.

Alec has continuous confrontations with the paparazzi ’cause he’s getting sick of them. He wants his privacy and he just wants to be left alone like any celeb would, ya know? I actually like it when celebs fight back at the paps. The paps are losers who need to find a real job. He gets ridiculed and mocked by the media ’cause they exploit the guy for ratings ’cause of his popularity with “30 Rock”.

No matter what you think of Alec, he is a talented actor. I liked him in the movies. I liked his roles in “Glengarry Glen Ross”, “The Hunt For the Red October”, “Beetlejuice” and others. I wasn’t much of a “30 Rock” fan but maybe I’ll start watching it on Netflix sometime.

I may not like Alec’s liberal politics but he seems like a good man and he’s a talented guy. I really mean this too. He is just misunderstood, that’s all.

I give him credit about his thoughts on the media ’cause what he says is the truth. Today’s media is garbage. All the media does is make celebs look bad. That’s why I hate TMZ. That’s what these assholes are paid to do. That’s how they make their money.

I can’t blame him for being done w/ “public life”. You can tell that Alec hates “fame”. He doesn’t care for it. He is just a regular guy who wants to work. I do feel sorry for the guy, though. It is disgusting how the media puts famous people to shame. They don’t deserve it. Celebs deserve to be treated the same way we all like to be treated. They’re human, no different than us.


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