Is it wrong to offend people??? According to Louis C.K., he says it’s okay…


I know I can be offensive and controversial on a lot of things. I’ve been this way for years and honestly, it hasn’t changed with me. I know I can have offensive thoughts on a lot of topics but I feel no regrets or guilt about any of it. I was never afraid to speak my mind, not caring whether other people found it offensive or not. I know I’m going to get a lot heat for it and get a lot of backlash but it’s actually a good thing.

I have to try and be offensive as possible ’cause if I didn’t then no one would listen. No one would care.

I’m very good at getting people all fired up into a heated debate. If you want to get a debate going, say something offensive and it’s on. I’ve noticed over the years that the only time when people respond to my opinions is when I say something offensive whether in politics, music, the entertainment business, etc. I can get a heated debate going at any time.

The debate maybe a little aggressive and harsh but at least I try to get people to wake up on a lot of things… like all of my stuff on President Obama, perfect example. All of my Obama discussions over the years have caused a lot of controversy. I’ve gotten in trouble for it but that’s okay. Do whatever it takes to get your points across.

I never found anything wrong with offending people and being controversial. I just think being positive on everything and trying to make everyone happy is really boring. I’m never upset at the responses I get on my opinions. It all amuses me to no end. No lie. If I want to be entertained, get a  debate going, sit back relax and enjoy. That’s why I do what I do.


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