Is Liam Gallager teasing Oasis reunion???


Hmmmm… look like Liam and Noel Gallagher buried the hatchet and getting together for an Oasis reunion. Oasis haven’t put out a new album since 2008’s “Dig Out Your Soul”. The band broke up after a heated confrontation between the Oasis brothers. They never really got along over the years. They’ve always hated each other. Look like they’re on good terms with each other now?

I hope they’re coming out with a new album. I’ve always been a huge fan of Oasis. I own some of their albums and covered a few of their songs over the years. Oasis is fucking great and they’re probably coming back.

While the band has been on a hiatus, Noel started his solo career and Liam went on with a different band called, Beady Eye.

If they’re getting back together, who knows how long this reunion will last though. Once they get together again, they could be hating on each other pretty quickly so I’m hoping they’re getting along now.


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