When will people stop putting jam bands to shame? It’s so wrong…

Back in the 60’s and 70’s, jam bands used to be welcomed in the music industry but in today’s industry, jam bands are not treated so kindly by the fans anymore. These days everybody have to say negative things about jam bands like Phish, DMB, moe and others. Why do people today are putting jam bands in a negative light? Probably it’s because of the hippie movement and the drug culture. That’s the only reason why I think people are pretty critical of jam bands. People also think that the music is boring and they think they play songs way too long. Their musical talent is usually criticized too.

No matter what people think of jam bands… the jam band genre is still alive and well. There are tons of national, independent and local jam bands all over the USA. Jam band shows whether national or local still get huge crowds. Jam band music will never die.

You see, I love jam bands. I’ve always had and always will. That’s why I love music like Led Zep, Hendrix, The Allman Brothers, Phish, The Grateful Dead, etc.

I don’t drink and don’t do any illegal hard drugs but I don’t have to be into that stuff to enjoy the music ’cause that’s what it’s all about. It’s about the music with these jam bands. Musicians in jam bands are incredibly talented and intelligent people. They deserve more respect in the industry for sure.

Jams bands play one song on stage for a long time ’cause it’s called “jamming”. That’s what they all do. “Improvise” and jam out. They can’t help it when they play a song for 30 minutes or more. On top of that, jam band shows are so much fun to go to. That kind of music can be such a blast to dance to and cheer them on all night. This is why jam band music is still alive and well. People enjoy dancing to them. Jam bands are still making records and selling out shows… that is one fact that cannot be denied.

I love listening to jam bands ’cause I love the improvisational part of it and on top of that, I just love good guitar playing. Jam bands is where you’ll find all the great guitar playing.

Whenever I form my own band sometime (when I’m ready that is)… this is the kind of music I’m planning on playing. I’m still gonna play rock n’ roll with a little bit of overdrive/distortion but it will be jam rock music. Kind of like Hendrix, Cream and SRV. This is why I’m trying to improve my lead guitar skills and improvisational techniques to prepare myself. I want to learn how to jam and improvise. Become an improvisational master. To do that, I must be good with ear training and music theory — I’m really getting the hang of both and getting better with both. Yes, ear training and music theory both go together. What’s the point of playing in a band when you’re not good at either one? When I get a band, I’m probably gonna play music similar to what Led Zeppelin and the Allman Bros. did… go on long jams and freak out. That’s the kind of musician I aim to be and that has always been my goal ever since I picked up the guitar years ago.

Nothing wrong with psychedelic jam band music. I personally love that stuff. Like this genre or not, jam bands accomplish a lot in the music business. They did more than any other band or pop artist in this fake industry. Plus, jam bands play music “real”. They don’t fake anything.


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