Jack Nicholson doesn’t like being approached by fans at public places???

Jack Nicholson, the legendary actor attended a Clippers game and while walking through the crowd, two young fans approached the actor. One of the young fans stuck his hand out for a handshake but Jack looked down at a piece of paper he was holding (which looks to be his ticket, trying to find his seat). A huge internet debate sparked over this. There are mixed opinions. Some think Jack is an asshole for this and some supporters defended him. Jack supporters on the internet made claims that Jack didn’t even see the kid but that’s not what I saw.

Look closely… as you see Jack walking… Jack had his eyes set on the kid but as soon as he stuck his hand out, that’s when he looked down. So yeah, Jack DID totally ignored him.

Some people are mad about Jack of this but in Jack’s defense, I think he just didn’t want to be bothered. Looks like he was too busy trying to find his seat and he didn’t want to be distracted, chatting with fans. I’m sure he gets approached by obsessive fans every day, every where he goes. I’m sure he’s a nice, a very friendly guy and down to earth dude. I’m sure he likes meeting fans in public places but only when the timing is right.

Some movie stars and celebrities are great at meeting fans and some are horrible at it. They’re all different. Not all famous people are the same. Some celebs can be nice, some can be douchebags.

Don’t hate on Jack for this. He just wanted to enjoy himself and watch a game. I’m sure he does talk to fans at basketball games but not when he’s busy, ya know?

Give the man a break. I’m sure he’s dealt with this stuff for years.



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