Gotta say that Lupita Nyong’o is absolutely beauitful… damn…


Excuse me while I sound a little perverted but yeah, I would totally bang Lupita!!! Her “Most Beautiful Woman in the World” award is definitely well-deserving!

Yeah, JJ picked a good one for “Episode VII”. Even though Lucasfilm/Disney kept it quiet on her role she is probably gonna be the main female lead. She is probably gonna steal the show for “Episode VII”. I think she’s not only gonna be some romantic interest in “Episode VII”. She’s gonna be a Jedi, I think and will be part of the action. Yeah, I think she will have a major light saber fight in the film that will get the audience jumping from their seats and cheering on.

I really like Lupita. Loved her in “12 Years A Slave” which was a good film and it was Best Picture worthy.

Looking forward to seeing what JJ have planned for her in “Episode VII”. It’s gonna be something big for sure. Her character is probably gonna get mentored by a middle-aged Luke Skywalker.



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